Important Rule When Emailing Big Shots

Most people are pretty busy.

Big shots in your industry are VERY busy.

When you email them, don’t needlessly waste their time. Keep it brief.


You rule,

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha


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Photo Credit: TC Fine Intimates via Compfight cc


  • Melissa Burkheimer

    Reply Reply October 11, 2013

    Short and sweet. Good advice! xo

  • Andrea

    Reply Reply October 11, 2013

    You. Are. Brilliant.

  • Sonja Keller

    Reply Reply October 12, 2013

    Love it! hahah you rock Marsha!

  • lanashlafer

    Reply Reply October 13, 2013

    Witty you are!

  • Artist Desiree East

    Reply Reply October 13, 2013

    Love this…to add to that, I almost always develop some sort of genuine relationship with someone, before I take it to the next level. Short and sweet is always nice!

  • Nathalie

    Reply Reply October 14, 2013

    You are so incredibly cool! I love your posts! :-)

  • Shana

    Reply Reply October 14, 2013

    Perfect. You made your point and that pic will forever flash into my mind when I need to email a big shot. :)

  • Silvia

    Reply Reply October 14, 2013

    Next time I go to email a big shot, I’m like Shana… I will see this photo. I’m afraid I’ll never forget this tip. Perfect post.

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