Stand-ups, Stories and feeling Suicidal – some of my most personal secrets!

Marsha's tough

Marsha's tough

I AM SICK. And when I’m sick, in between necking garlic and vitamin C, I like to lie on my couch and, while feeling terribly sorry for myself, listen to things. In case you’re of a similar frame of mind – here are some audio delights for you, featuring your favourite sore-throated British storytelling enthusiast!

1. The One Where I Tell a REALLY Big Secret About Myself

Truly – something that even a bunch of my friends don’t know. I saw Lisa at Camp GLP last weekend, and was introducing her to everyone as “This is Lisa, I did one of my most interesting and soulful interviews ever on her podcast.”

2. The One Where I Talk About Feeling Suicidal

What – that isn’t the big secret? It’s not! This was, as Elloa (the host) says, my “most candid interview ever.”

3. The One That Had One Million Downloads

Ok, so I don’t know the exact amount, but that’s the average number that Art of Charm gets. In this one, I’m talking about Networking – it’s basically an hour long coaching session. or HERE on YouTube.

4. The Most Fun One I’ve Ever Done

…because it was before I’d started teaching a lot about storytelling, but when I was already TOTALLY obsessed with it. It’s me at my most casual and unedited. Scroll 6 mins in to hear the start of the interview.

5. The Ones Where Marsha Is Doing The Interviewing

In my past life as a radio DJ, I also used to have a podcast where I did these intensive, ‘This Is Your Life’-style interviews with stand up comedians, called “Marsha Meets…”. A couple of years ago, my friend Deborah Frances-White and I had a book come out (on Harry Potter’s publisher!) which came partly off the back of them.

If you click on the iTunes page – you’ll see that the last few are not the “Marsha Meets…”, but a bunch of random audio versions of blogs, many from the advent calendar of stories, but below them – long, long interviews with stand ups. At some point, I’ll write a blog post where I put in quotes from some of my faves.

But for now – enjoy! I have SO MANY faves, but let’s start with Deborah Frances-White (where we talk about How to get almost anyone to want to sleep with you, Joining a Cult at the age of 15, how to mildly alter your behaviour at work for massive results), Russel Kane (so smart and funny) and Andre Vincent (some AMAZING stories)

or on Soundcloud:


So – which did you listen to? And what was something you took away from it? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading.

You rule,

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

PS if you’d like even more secrets like this – plus my biggest secret for charming potential clients – join the Yes Yes Family. It’s free! Just pop your details in below.

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  • Lisa Vogt

    Reply Reply August 30, 2017

    Thank you, Marsha, for sharing such wonderful stories and insights on the Ever Better Podcast! If I hadn’t taken your workshop at Camp GLP in 2015, I probably would not have started my podcast. The positive energy, affirming feedback, and encouragement that I got from you and everyone else in the room helped to propel me forward past my self-conscious limiting beliefs. Thanks for being you! #YesYes – Lisa Vogt

    • Marsha (Yes Yes Marsha)

      Lisa!! ALL of this makes me SO HAPPY!!!

      So glad you’re doing the awesome work you’re doing :)


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