Hello, my creative friend!


I know that you are fantastic at what you do.

I know that there is a potential audience of people who would be utterly devoted to you – and would love either to hire you, or buy your art.

I also KNOW that there are people in the world – influencers, well-connected types, or those who are in a position to give you a leg up – who can help you reach these future raving fans.

So, how do you get this last bunch of people to want to help you?

The answer: networking. But Yes Yes Marsha-style networking – that’s actually FUN.


Here’s what I want you to do


1. Write a list of five people you know could help you. Do it right now!

Make them a range of those who are small-deal and potentially easy to contact, and those who are dream-associate big (I’m talking level of Ai Weiwei, Jeff Koons or Oprah).

2. Rank them from easiest to contact to most famous.

3. Pick the easiest – and write them an email.

To find their email address, you can use the (awesome) free app, Rapportive For Gmail.

Here’s what to bear in mind:

  • Send them a link to somewhere that shows what you do (a website, a blog, your LinkedIn) 

4. When you’ve done it, BE ACCOUNTABLE! Tell someone you sent the email.


5. Block out one hour a month in your calendar, to send another, similar email to someone on the list. Or a second one to this person. It’ll probably take you less long than that, but thoughtful emails can take time!

6. Give yourself a massive high five. YOU ARE NETWORKING! And no one had to schmooze anyone, and no business cards were palmed.


Want more good stuff?

If you have any questions about networking or emailing big shots, feel free drop me a line. Or if you feel like you want some focussed, one-on-one help, and a tailor-made plan that YOU feel comfortable with, I’d love to help you out. Find out how you can work with me, HERE.

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