You’ve got something seriously amazing to share with the world.

Maybe it’s an idea that you know could change people’s lives instantly and irrevocably for the better. Maybe you’re tired of the way things are being run in your industry, and have created a business to do it better. Or maybe you know you could be the next viral TED speaker.

Just one problem:

Your blog posts aren’t quite getting the traction they should.

Your email list isn’t growing at the speed you’d like, no matter what you do.

Or your speech, while it’s great, just doesn’t seem to be having the impact you know it could.

What’s the common factor between a blog post that falls flat, an email list that stays static, and a speech that never quite lives up to its potential?


While these may seem like very different problems, disconnection is at the heart of all of them. It’s what keeps us from caring, trusting, and buying into any type of communication — from businesses to the speaking circuit.

Marsha-from-Yes-Yes-Marsha-giving a big smileI’m Marsha, and I help big-hearted, big-thinking business owners and speakers instantly create the kind of connection that makes people feel like they’ve known you for years.

The result? Amped up engagement, a far greater reach, stellar sales, and the kind of deep relationship with your audience that people spend years trying to cultivate.

I don’t do this through a trick or a strategy. (And let’s face it — you’ve tried the tricks and studied the strategies. But what you’re doing deserves way more than a rehash of “The Top 10 Ways to Create Connection in Your Communication FAST!”.)

Instead, I help you get to the very heart of what draws us together as humans: stories.

Stories are the universal catalyst for connection.

There’s a reason that some people instantly grab your attention, making you feel like you’ve known them forever and leaving you hanging on their every word — it’s the way they tell their stories.

Stories impact us on the most primal neurological level: when we hear them, our brains feel like we’re literally there in the story, not to mention releasing all sorts of good hormones that make us feel an instant, intimate connection with the storyteller.

They draw us to a higher version of ourselves both individually and collectively.

And when you know how to harness this power, you totally change your relationship with your audience. Whether you’re speaking to an online following or a room full of people, when you know how to incorporate your stories into the mix, that’s when things really take off.

Stories make your message absolutely irresistible.

They make the difference between having a waitlist and having to hustle your way through lackluster lead lists.

They’re the medium by which your good idea goes global.

They’re the magic that lets you create powerful, lasting connections with your audience while still maintaining your boundaries, energy, and privacy.

How do I know?

Because I’ve spent my whole life finding out. Growing up in a Russian family, stories were in my blood, the currency of our conversations. That stuck with me all through my psychology degree from the University of Edinburgh to my 15 year stint as a Radio DJ, where I learned how to hone in on the best bits of a story and arrange them to make the most impact — in the 20 seconds between songs.

In my work as a Networking Mentor, I learned how to apply my instincts and storytelling skills to the business world, teaching people how to get to the heart of their business story and tell it in a way that had their dream clients lining up to work with them.

Now, as a Storytelling Coach, I help everyone from solopreneurs to TED speakers craft their messages for maximum impact, empathy, and effectiveness.

Marsha -Yes-Yes-Marsha Smiling and points I’d love to make that happen for you too. Why?

(1) Because I’m very good at it.

(2) Because it’s the most effective, scientifically-backed way to increase your engagement and amplify your reach.

(3) Because I know that when you start incorporating your stories into your message you draw your people to you, turn off the ones you don’t want, and catapult your business or career to the next level.

And most importantly…

Because I believe in empathy, connection, and the power of people to do great good in this world — and I know that stories are the key to unlocking all of that.

If you do too, let’s hang out!

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