Don’t just get noticed:

Love this frock.

You are fantastic at what you do. You might not say that out loud much, but you know you are.

Just one problem: your dream potential clients aren’t aware of you. Or maybe they know who you are, they just don’t realise how much you could help them.

When people ask you about what you do, you stumble through an answer. Knowing it doesn’t do justice to the incredible work you’re capable of. Watching them smile politely, while you think, “Aw, man. You just don’t get it. I really, really help people”.

Imagine if, with just a few words, you could express exactly what it is you do and why that matters – and let your dream clients understand that YOU are the answer to their problems. No pushy sales tactics, Just you, speaking in a way that feels comfortable, ethical and honest, and that connects instantly with them.

Imagine if you could go to any event – yes, even the networking events that usually make you want to hide under the registration desk – get a ton out of it for your business and, actually enjoy yourself. Really!

It’s easy to make instant connections with people. You just need to know how.

There’s this belief that networking is a gross, smiley thing, that involves walking up to the most important person in the room and telling them how much you love their tie, how great their work is, then telling them how amazing you are. Not true.

Real networking is just this: talking to people that you get on well with, about things that you’re both interested in. Making genuine human connections.

I can show you how to make those – sometimes within just a couple of minutes – and have fun while you’re doing it.


By knowing what to say and do when you first meet someone


By learning how to tell your story – in a way that grips and engages people – and moves the right ones into action.

I’m Marsha. I spent 17 years as a successful radio presenter, musician manager and music supervisor for hit TV shows – where I learnt a lot about networking. You kind of have to, in those industries. Full length hands on hips

I used to be terrified of it – spending work events trembling in the corner, worrying that I didn’t have anything witty or profound to say.
Too scared to talk to anyone because I had no idea how to start the conversation.
Sending emails to important people – only to get SILENCE in response.

Through years of experience – on both sides of the industry – I learnt that there are ways I can network that DON’T involve walking up to people and immediately selling myself, or emailing a long list of bragging achievements.

And that – actually – these are a lot more effective.

I can teach you how to walk into a conference and know exactly what to say, how and to whom, to make connections that’ll will help you further your business or career and that feel good. No faking necessary.

And one of the most powerful ways to do that?

Through telling your stories.

When we tell our stories, we connect with people on a primal level, pilot light to pilot light. After all, this is how we were evolved to pass down information (I’m pretty sure there wasn’t some Caveman version of gmail). When a story is well-told, we’ll stop everything to listen until it’s done.

But it has to be well told.

While everyone’s style of storytelling is different, there are certain “rules”. For example, you need to tell things in the chronological order that they happened to you – otherwise, you’re throwing in spoilers and the story becomes less exciting (“of course, at this stage, we didn’t realise that John had quit his job”).

I cut my teeth story shaping when I was a DJ on music radio. For almost two decades, I had to learn to get my stories from 20 minutes down to 20 seconds – because, after that, the jingle kicks in, and you have to stop talking. Plus – any longer? And you’ve lost your audience’s attention.

I’m now the founder, story coach and host for True Stories Told Live, Toronto’s biggest storytelling show, and have coached over a hundred storytellers in the last two years. As the officical Story Coach for Portland’s World Domination Summit, I coach the chosen Attendee Storytellers to get their stories down to 1.5 minutes, ready to tell them onstage to 3,000 people.

I can teach you these rules. I can draw the story out of you in the first place – and, whether you’re on stage or just having a chat, I can help you shrink your story down to any length you need, whether that’s twenty minutes or two, and still have it pack an emotional punch.

If you want to find out more about story coaching for business or stage, hop on over to my Work With Me page here:

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Here’s to making people fall in love with what you do, in a way that feels GREAT to you.

You rule!

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha 

PS Don’t forget that you can get free, coaching by email, along with my guide for how to remember ANYONE’s name (and have them instantly feel great about you), here:


  • Samatha Field

    Reply Reply May 10, 2016

    Good Morning

    I recently came across your videos on YouTube and found myself spending hours on your website and blog, reading your hilarious and inspiring posts. I have enjoyed your unique and entertaining way of teaching. As you are an expert in conversations I was hoping to gain some advice.

    I am currently working on a developing a course aimed to help young urban professionals build their conversation skills. The course is designed to take the student from introduction to master conversationalist over the course of a couple weeks

    I would love to hear your thoughts or insights on my course idea. Your knowledge and experience would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks you so much for your time.
    -Samantha Field

    • Marsha (Yes Yes Marsha)

      Hey Samantha!
      Thanks for the lovely words.
      I think that course sounds like a great idea! I’m a big fan of step-by-step instructions and actionable tips, so stick with those as much as you can.

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