A hush falls over the room.

Then comes the kind of applause that only comes from people whose lives have been totally, irrevocably, transformed.

That’s the dream, anyway. But right now? Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got big ideas, and you know how to get them across just fine.

But here’s the thing about truly great ideas: they deserve far more than fine. They deserve great big, sky-writing, fireworks in the soul-level delivery so they can actually have the world-changing effect they have the potential for.

The way you make that happen isn’t by practicing your diction or messing about with metaphors: it’s by telling stories.

The difference between a good speech and a great one is the connection between you and the audience, and stories are the medium that makes that happen. They speak to us on a primal level, meeting us where we are and drawing us into a higher version of ourselves through our connection to each other, and leaving us moved and hungry for more.

Connection can’t be manufactured, but it can be cultivated — and I can show you how.

Marsha-from-Yes-Yes-MarshaI’m Marsha, and I help people with great ideas craft the speeches that get those ideas the attention and engagement they deserve. Throughout my years of working in radio, networking, and as the Story Coach for big-thinking do-gooders at World Domination Summit, I’ve learned exactly how to build the kind of connection between you and your audience — and by extension your audience and your ideas — that leaves people breathless and begging for more.

If you’re looking to create the kind of speech that changes lives (not to mention inspires your audience, makes them more receptive to your teaching on a neurological level, and gets them fired up to work with you), you want me in your corner.


Here’s how it works:

— You and I get on the phone for 2.5 hours. You bring your speech, I bring my storytelling chops, and together we figure out just how to use your stories to take that speech from good to life-changing, legacy-building, viral TED-level.

— Then, over the next four weeks or so, we come together again for two more calls (or more if we need them), during which we really polish your speech — making sure it’s absolutely perfect, from patter to pauses.

— Of course, we’re not done just because your speech is. I’m in this with you from the first syllable to the final round of applause with email access, bonus recordings of our calls, and the full range of my speaking expertise just waiting for you to tap.


You should know…

Our work together is intensive and intuitive: I’m not going to try to cram you through some sort of “storytelling bootcamp” or shove your speech into a pre-set process. Like all good stories, our work together will unfold naturally — and be so much more fun than you ever imagined.

Bottom line: I want your great ideas out there, changing the world for good, ASAP.

If you want that too, let’s chat! Book in here for a 15 minute free (no obligation) call, or email me at marsha@yesyesmarsha.com.

“Marsha understands the power of story and how to use it grab the attention of an audience.”

Jeff-Goins“Marsha Shandur is one of my favorite communicators in the world. Her skills as a storytelling teacher and coach are unparalleled, making anyone she works with instantly confident and comfortable. As Tribe Conference’s official ‘Awkwardness Controller,’ she helps our community tell their stories by leading through her own example. Marsha understands the power of story and how to use it grab the attention of an audience. Every time I hear her speak, I am captivated.”

Jeff Goins, Bestselling Author and Founder of Tribe Conference


“Marsha tweaked the chronology and cut distracting details in my TEDx talk, to keep my audience on the edge of their seat!”

Sarah-Ramsden“I came to Marsha with the script for my TEDx talk. I was stressed out and too scared to move on to the memorization stage because I wasn’t sure what I had written was as good as it could be. Marsha’s storytelling genius helped me make it so much better! She tweaked the chronology and cut distracting details to keep my audience on the edge of their seats. She inserted dramatic pauses, and helped me master the ebb and flow of my tone of voice to immerse my audience in my story. It worked, and I rocked it! I wouldn’t approach a presentation of this magnitude without her.”

Sarah Ramsden, Personal Coach, Parksville, BC, sarahramsden.com


“I received the highest ratings I’ve ever gotten on a keynote I have given for years.”

Denise_B_Scott“Fun and uplifting, my sessions with Marsha got results. After a few simple, but extremely important tweaks, I received the highest ratings I’ve ever gotten on a keynote I have given for years. One woman from the national organization told me, ‘I’ve worked doing this 40 years and have seen thousands, I think that’s the best I’ve ever seen.’ And several people in the feedback forms told me that they cried.

Then, in just 15 minutes, she fixed another speech that I have struggled with and could never put my finger on what was wrong. I feel like I have gotten two speeches that are measurably better, but also the tools to create stronger talks in the future. Plus I have a cheerleader that I look forward to talking to instead of dreading!”

Denise Boudreau-Scott, President, Drive, Manasquan, New Jersey


“I had to tell my story in 90 seconds to 2500 people. The results were amazing!”

David Knapp-Fisher“When faced with the daunting task of telling an important piece of my signature keynote in just 90 seconds to 2500 people at WDS, I knew I was in trouble; that is, until I worked with Marsha. Not only did she show me how to achieve this unachievable feat, she also helped me craft an opening line that grabbed the audience and never let them go! The results were amazing! I can’t say enough about what a joy it was to work with Marsha, and hope to do so again in the near future on some other projects! Thanks, Marsha!

David Knapp-Fisher, World Traveller, Storyteller & Facilitator to Amazing People


“Working with Marsha was a game changer”

Ellen-Watkins“Working with Marsha Shandur from Yes Yes Marsha was a game changer for my WDS Story. I knew I could use some help, but thought my story just needed some tightening. After working with her for just one laughter-filled hour, she made it SO MUCH BETTER than I could have imagined. It became more powerful, more succinct, easier to deliver and I’m sure it was easier for the audience to understand and receive, too. I know it was because of Marsha’s help and insight that so many people came up to me afterward to say how my story resonated with them. If you have the opportunity to work with Marsha, take it!”

Ellen Watkins, Writer, Creator & Facilitator, Texas, ellenjennywatkins.com


“Marsha’s story-telling tips gave me a unique insight into how to make a human connection with my audience by painting a story rather than just telling it.”

Wayne-Hendry“Marsha Shandur is the original Story Whisperer. I have often been told that I am a good storyteller but Marsha coached me to be an even better one. Thanks to her experience and uncanny story whisperer abilities, Marsha was able to help me visualize my story from the audience’s perspective. People are emotional, visual and Marsha’s story-telling tips gave me a unique insight into how to make a human connection with my audience by painting a story rather than just telling it. If you don’t believe me, then work with Marsha and picture the results.”

Wayne Hendry, Account Manager and Consultant, Ontario, Canada


“I am now confident about which of my many stories to pull from when talking with an audience in order to be most convincing.”

Shawna-Kaye_Lester“Before working with Marsha, I knew I had a strong story about why I am in the admissions and career consulting business, but I did not have an objective opinion about which parts would be most interesting to a cold audience or storytelling tools to convey it. I am now confident about which of my many stories to pull from when talking with an audience in order to be most convincing. I would definitely recommend Marsha to other business owners who want to figure out their ‘business story.’”

Shawna-Kaye Lester, Admissions and Career Consultant, Writing Coach, www.memorableessay.com


“Marsha totally over-delivered”

Lorna-Gager“Marsha totally over-delivered. My story is unique and interesting, but Marsha has helped me make it gripping, heartwarming and best of all – more enticing for women to want to work with me.

The new version also leaves people with something even if they never work with me. In other words – it ticks all the boxes of what a good story should be in our entrepreneurial world. Marsha is truly gifted at story coaching.”

Lorna Gager, Wellness Coach and Inspirationalist, lornagager.com