How to make yourself my instant best friend

Sitting in the audience, I was wrestling mixed emotions.

The woman onstage as belting out a number from the musical Chicago — one I haven’t seen, and am not especially keen to. She was a little off-key. And LOUD. I felt like I should have been cringing, embarrassed for her and hating it… but for some reason, I wasn’t. Why wasn’t I?

It was my third night at a Summer camp for grown ups. When I saw the sales page, what sold it was the talent show. The camp I went to as a kid had one and it was always the highlight. Skits where we sent up the staff, little jokey routines, maybe someone reading a poem. But this was different.

One after the other, attendees from the camp got up to sing. Some of them were knockout. Some of them really weren’t but, for reasons my brain was struggling to understand, they didn’t look embarrassed about it at all. Being British, I felt like I should have been convulsing with awkwardness on their behalf.

So when I wasn’t, I looked to my left at my new friend Sam. An Aussie, she and I had been hanging around a bit the last few days. I whispered to her,

“Why don’t I hate this?”

She laughed back and whispered, “It’s because we secretly love Americans. If this had been an Aussie or Brit talent show, it would have been 10 rugby guys in drag looking embarrassed. Instead, all these people onstage are totally committed. They really mean it!”


“So I think we secretly admire their self-confidence. Because we could never pull that off.”

And I thought, OMG.

Because, when she said that, two things happened:

1) I realized that she was right. My English awkwardness would never allow me to be that bold, but I loved that someone else was, and

2) I understood that Sam was My Kind Of Person and would be forever.

The next time she and I hung out in person, we went on vacation. The first of five trips we’ve taken together since. We’re currently plotting another, along with the matching tattoos we’ll get when we’re there (current front runner: a tiny suitcase).

The right set of words can let the people you’d LOVE to have hire you know INSTANTLY that you are one of theirs.
And this helps both of you.

As in fledgling friendships, you don’t ever want someone who you wouldn’t want to work with think that you are for them. It’s just awkward and uncomfortable. But people you’d love to hang out with who you know you can help? Yes please.

The more specific your language can be when it comes to who you are, who you help and what you do for them, the more likely it is that your ideal clients are going to feel like,


This is My Kind Of Person and will be forever.

Next Weds Dec 4th, I’m running my first ever paid live class. It’s called Sales Pages With Soul and, during it, I’ll be taking you through the process I’ve developed to help my clients write sales pages that make their ideal clients feel like they’ve come home. Even better, by using the kind of words and phrases my process helps you come up with, you help people far beyond your ideal clients.

Think about it: wouldn’t you rather have a sales page that helps people irrespective of whether or not they buy from you?

Because then, you don’t have to feel in any way pushy. It’s good marketing, sure, but it also means you’re being of service, just by having that sales page exist.

If you’d like to know all the details about the class, including how to grab your spot, and the FAQs (which I mostly put in because I love being a ham in FAQs), come and have a look here:

Thank you so much for reading! My question: have you ever had someone say one thing to you, which made you know they were your kind of person (and will be forever)? Let me know who, and what they said, in the comments below!

If you know anyone who feels the same way about uber-confident people, you can share this with them using one of the round buttons below.

You rule!

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

PS want (finally!) to make writing sales copy (and/or talking about your work in a way that makes people want to work with you) feel easy, fun and like it’s actually doing good in the world, even if no one buys?

Take a look at the class! Here:



Photos by MD Duran on Unsplash, and by me.

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