What if one sentence could make the RIGHT people beg to work with you?

What if you could walk into a room full of potential clients and know the exact right things to say and do, in order to feel the hidden confidence that let you – yep, YOU –  own the place? Even if you’ve spent your life in fear of “networking” events. Even if you're the kind of raging introvert that thinks you'd rather spend those events hiding in the restrooms.

The fastest, cheapest and most powerful way to grow your business is word-of-mouth. But word of mouth dies on the vine if people don’t know the right words to share. And, those words need to come, first and foremost, from you. Get it right and people fall over themselves to both work with and evangelize you. Get it wrong and it’s a sad little dead end.

I help you get it right.

Working together, you will learn to tell your business story in a way that grips and moves everyone who hears it, is a guaranteed way to stand out from the competition and make the right people raving fans. With over 20 years of experience shaping stories on-air and online, I can help you tell yours in a way that will change the field you’re playing on.

PLUS, by showing you how to transform networking into something that's actually fun (really!), I'll reveal how to get your message to everyone who matters – from the little fish to the big shots – and have them spreading the word about your business, giving you credibility, notoriety, and a non-stop flow of dream clients.

How to Tell Captivating Stories